Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday is finally behind us, lets look ahead!

Funny, when I signed on today I noticed that my last post had to do with black friday and now here it is.
I have been slighty under the weather, and I am anxious to get back on track talking about the things that impassion us.

Today is the official kick off of the christmas season.  Early tomorrow, we will head out and cut down our christmas tree and bring it home for the entire family to decorate.  We decorate ours with homemade ornaments from my children and myself.  They are not ornate, nor exquisite, but they are indeed priceless.
Some of them dating back to the early 1980's, all have been tenderly preserved.

My request today... take a photo of your tree and post it on my blog, I'd love to see them as would all of my fellow bloggers.  So lets go and get those trees decorated.  I am excited to see what posts.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black Friday? Glitzy Quilt day!!!

Many shoppers love black friday, all quilter love glitzy quilt day!  What is glitzy quilt day?  It is any day you desire and will always put a smile on your face.  As quilters we love to embellish. Add a bit of dazzle thread, a little swarovski crystal, a bit of glitter thread and you have just begun glitzing up your masterpiece.

We are giving such a class, or shall I say 2 in 1, this saturday November 19.  Consider coming on this adventure in embellishing with us.  Falling leaves is the morning class and Let it snow is the afternoon class.  We have limited opening left, to ensure a spot and get more information call 218-393-6262.  Please call today, you'll be happy you did.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Perfect gifts for the holidays..

There are only a few openings left for class on November 19.  Have your husband include the class in an early christmas gift.  We will have special holiday handtowel, table runner, table topper kits available for quick and easy gifts to make for christmas.
Purchase extra class kits to make or give that special friend or family member.

You will have so much fun as Norma teaches you techniques that will open up a whole new world of potential for you.  "Falling Leaves" is her newest creation.  Be the first to experience this class.  Created on her own rust dyed fabric, made with many mediums of embellishment, you won't want to pass this by.

Kelly will teach you new techniques with thread, applique and free motion quilting.  You will surprise yourself.  This piece is a stunning 21x21 inch wallhanging.  If you are really ambitious, Kelly will show you how to make it into a lap quilt.

These classes are perfect for beginner , advanced or intermediate quilters.  A fun day of quilting and
socializing on Island Lake.  Lunch and kits provide at the very low cost of $100.  Don't pass this by,
call and reserve your spot today!  contact Kelly Hanson  218-393-6262   or email her @  

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What notion can you not live without?

I recently was asked what notion I could not live without.  My answer was my needle threader, both the machine threader and the hand needle threader.  My eyes are often so tired I waste too much time trying to thread the needle, but not any longer.  A relatively small investment and time is saved, as is my sanity.  Now I would love to hear what your favorite notion is. The thing you depend on the most and couldn't live without.  Just comment in the comment section, and while you are at it, press on follow so you can join my blog and always be on top of whats new.I'm waiting to hear from you!

Kelly Hanson Fabriholic Extrodinar   LOL

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hunting season is upon us....what special fabric have you been hunting for?

We all have been in that position, haven't we?  We either have that special fabric we love, or we have run out of an important fabric that we are currently using in our quilt.  No Worry!! Today we start the official opening of fabric hunting season.  It doesn't matter if it is blaze orange or pastel floral.  If you need a fabric take a photo of it, post it on my blog, and we will do our best to help you find it.

A small reminder that you should hurry and register for the day long classes on November 19.
"falling leaves"  taught by Norma Reihm and" Let it Snow"  taught by Kelly Hanson.
8:30-5     kits and lunch included in price.  $100 for a day of quiltsational fun!  email or call to
reserve your spot.  or  218-393-6262

lets post those photos!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's finally Here! Hurry and Reserve your spot!!!

Its finally here! 

We are offering our very first “2 in 1” Class November 19th.  There will be two classes in one day with two instructors. 

Morning class will be with Norma Riehm   8:30-12:00

Falling Leaves

Have a fun morning making an 8X10 fiber layered, embellished wall hanging using Norma’s layering techniques, and learning some simple fun machine quilting designs.

Your work of art will be uniquely your own.  Kit will be provided.

Afternoon class will be with Kelly Pederson Hanson  12:30- 4:00

Let it Snow

Create your own snow globe wall hanging to celebrate the winter season. You will learn applique as well as use ribbons and crystals to embellish your creation.  We will discuss proper techniques for borders. Perfect gift for the holidays.

Kit will be provided.

We will have an extra hour from 4:00- 5:00 for extra work time.  Bring your suits and relax in the hot tub and enjoy the lake if your projects are completed.

Cost for a full day of productive fun $100.  Class size is limited.  Contact Kelly to reserve your spot.  218-393-6262  or

Supply list:

Free motion foot also known as darning foot

Sewing machine, and standard supplies   (scissors, pins, rotary cutter, small sharp pointy fabric scissors for cutting out applique pieces)

Quilting gloves (optional)

If you need extra light bring a small ott light

90/14 machine quilting needle

Dark brown thread, preferably aurifil, mettler , or gutterman. Please prewind 1 bobbin of brown thread..

Superior monofilament or invisible thread.  1 spool

Medium tone evergreen thread. Please refer above to brand of thread. Please prewind 1 bobbin of green thread

Cheater glasses, you might need them for beading.

Save the date  Saturday November 19,2011 from 8:30 to 5.  A light lunch will be provided. 

Fall back into your favorite quilting chair

Wow! is it already that time of the year?  The men are out hunting, some of the ladies too.  Early this morning we set the clocks back and hour...or at least some of us did. Why not take that extra hour and finish an UFO? or read a favorite pattern?  maybe invite a friend over for a little hand work?

 Yes, it is that time of the year again.  Lets kick off the official quilting season in style, I'm actually going to try some new thread techniques.  Let me know what you are going to do... we"ll
share it on the blog and give our sister and brother quilters new ideas.. post photos if you have them.  On your mark, get set, GO!

Friday, November 4, 2011

I don't want to surf the waves of my borders!!!

Do you ever wonder why your borders on your quilt are wavy? 
Do you just cut a very long strip and apply it on your quilt and cut off the excess?
Do you square up your blocks as you go so they are the same size? 
Do you cut your sashing into wof strips and sew them on and cut as you go?
If you find yourself having problems, I have a solution for you.
First.  always square up your blocks before constructing your quilt.  If you
are working with the same size blocks, you will be less likely to have problems
with a square quilt.When you place the sashing on your quilt you should be sure to measure through the center of your blocks for correct measurement.

Do the same when you place your borders on    
and you will find your quilt will be square.
the trick is measuring through the most stable part of your quilt... which is alway the center. 
*never cut a long piece and apply as you go, you will end up with a quilt with dimples and puckers
and possibly have to redo for the quilter.  Now, go out and play in the sun... its beautiful out on the lake

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Planning new classes.

"Falling Leaves"
heres a teaser of a class we are offering November 19
more information to follow.