Thursday, November 10, 2011

What notion can you not live without?

I recently was asked what notion I could not live without.  My answer was my needle threader, both the machine threader and the hand needle threader.  My eyes are often so tired I waste too much time trying to thread the needle, but not any longer.  A relatively small investment and time is saved, as is my sanity.  Now I would love to hear what your favorite notion is. The thing you depend on the most and couldn't live without.  Just comment in the comment section, and while you are at it, press on follow so you can join my blog and always be on top of whats new.I'm waiting to hear from you!

Kelly Hanson Fabriholic Extrodinar   LOL


  1. My favorite notion would be my seam ripper!!! No, seriously, I use my awl a lot as I am feeding fabric under the presser foot.

  2. I love my awl too Deb. it sure makes feeding fabric through the pressed foot a snap! Thanks for posting, :)