Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A gift to treasure....

18 days until Christmas.  I thought you may like another christmas story.  Two years ago I took all the lists and bought gifts for my family. I was quite content that I had done a great job.  I had made a quilt that hung in our quilt shop as a sample of the pattern that was given out that year during the northern lights shop hop.  It was a beautiful quilt that I wasn't quite sure who to give to.  Christmas Eve came and I was sitting by the tree with my youngest son, Tyler.  He was telling me how proud he was to have me for his mom and how much he appreciated each quilt I had given him.  This is odd coming from a teenage boy, especially one who owned numerous quilts.  Tyler treasured each quilt, reason being, he knew each quilt held part of me.  It was then I realized who this special quilt should be given to, someone who would treasure it.  Tyler went away to college this year and he brought that quilt with him.  It touches my heart to know he is snuggling up with it,  Is there a special story you would like to share?  please post it, I would love to hear it.  By the way, did you know that Christmas means Mass (Celebration ) of Christ ( annointed)?
Thats right, we are celebrating the birthday of the messiah!  Now, take a moment to comment on your story.


  1. Many haven't been able to post, this is a test! Hope it posts

  2. Kelly, I can't "Thank you" enough for all your time and help with my quilt. I couldn't be happier with it. Your knowledge and skill is remarkable! Can't wait to take a class. Again, thank you.
    Jackie E.

  3. Happy and honored to help, It really turned out wonderful, you are a good student, high learning curve. It was so much fun to spend the entire day with you getting it done. and you chose the perfect pattern for quilting.